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Effective Article Spinning Strategies

Top 10 article spinning tips to drive BIG traffic.

1. Start with a great seed article!  Whether you write, outsource, or scrape a starter article, be sure it’s on topic, high quality, and longer in length. Source an article that has not been used too often in other places.

2. Use ‘Assisted Spin’ for the highest quality results.  This is best for article syndication, ‘SEO services’, tier one backlink sites, and rewrites that are the highest quality. Aim for 85% + uniqueness.

3. Use ‘Automatic Spinning’ for bulk articles in batches or folders. The best use for these articles are for lower tier backlinks focused on just getting the link and not visitor conversions. Use more articles and less auto-spins for best results.

4. Protect keywords and LSI words.
Protect all your main keywords and any related word for the best results. This maintains a strong SEO punch and helps rank for targeted keywords to drive clicks and visitors.

5. Add media! Adding related photos, videos, documents, and audio files increases article uniqueness, makes your articles more pleasing to readers, and Google adds more value to that article.

6. Spin titles and syndicate. Create several new unique title that grab attention and solve reader’s problems. Then syndicate the article to several authority sites for highly targeted traffic.

7. Spin and post authority content on authority sites. Google is not the only source of quality traffic and visitors! Sites like Facebook, Tumbler, Squidoo, Blogger, and press release sites will drive HUGE amounts of traffic.

8. Target long tail keywords for free traffic on auto-pilot. The low hanging fruit in the search engines with spun content will send 1,000’s of visitors to your site every day! Add long tail keywords to the articles and titles.

9. Sandwich spun articles with well written introduction and closing paragraphs. Most readers will read just the first few sentences of an article to decide if the content can help with their needs. Adding these targeted paragraphs will increase your click-through rates and conversions.
10. Add call to actions to every article and resource box. Make your product irresistible to buyers by adding a simple yet emotional call to action to every article. Trigger an emotional reaction or create a sense of urgency with each call to action.

These Spinning tips will help you create some powerful new content.  Your servers will melt with traffic.

Why Unique Content Is So Valuable

unique article marketingWhen you are link building for your site, you need to make sure that the content those links appear on is high quality, unique content. That just makes good sense.

Another good reason to make sure that every page linking to yours is unique is that Google is what’s called a “full text search engine.” What that means is that Google breaks down content into the words and phrases that it’s made up of, and catalogs all of those keywords in an index.

Then, when somebody performs a search, it looks through that index and finds pages that are related to the keywords being searched for. If your page is one of them, and the other quality factors are in place (like links to the page), then Google shows that page in the search results for the keywords.

That means that if all of the pages that link to your site are the same, then all of the keywords that get put into Google’s index for those pages will also be the same, which seriously limits the probability of your linking pages popping up in the search results.

For instance, let’s say you doing some article marketing and post the same article to 100 sites, and that article contains 10 phrases that Google considers important enough to put into its index. That gives you 10 keyword phrases that all 100 of those linking pages have a chance of showing up for in the search results.

On the other hand, let’s say you distribute a unique article to each of those 100 sites. If each one of those articles contains 10 different phrases that make it into Google’s index, that gives you 1,000 keyword phrases that your linking pages have a chance of showing up for.

If each unique article can deliver only one new visitor per day, then all 100 duplicate articles would only deliver 30 visitors a month (because remember, Google will only show one of those pages in the search results). On the other hand, if you have 100 unique articles each delivering one new visitor per day, that’s 3,000 new visitors per month.

Start multiplying that out by 1,000 articles, or 10,000 articles, or even 100,000 articles, and you begin to see why unique content is so valuable.

Review: MainType 4.0 Font Viewer and Manager

Maintype Font Viewer Review - Box IconRating: Maintype Font ViewerMaintype Font ViewerMaintype Font ViewerMaintype Font ViewerMaintype Font Viewer


I don’t perform as much web development these days as I do strategy, SEO and PPC, however, when I do develop websites, and more specifically a client’s logo, finding the best font to use can sometimes be a daunting, frustrating task…mostly because there are so many of them. Personally, I’m a font geek so I have over 3,300+ fonts on my computer.

MainType 4.0 font viewer helps take the frustration out of managing your fonts. It is packed with tons of intuitive features that make fonts simple to find, preview, organize, install, and print.

High-Logic Product Description

MainType font viewer is the only drag and drop font manager that offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface to help you find, preview, organize, install and print your fonts.

It includes features for novice users who just want to view and install fonts as well as advanced features for graphic designers and typographers. In order to find the right fonts for your needs, the software includes views and quick search functionality. The software contains a font information panel that allows you to compare multiple fonts side-by-side and reveals important typographic data. The “groups” panel helps you quickly organize all your fonts. Nice touches are drag and drop capabilities and the ability to insert characters into background applications.
MainType works with TrueType, OpenType, TrueType Collections, and Postscript Type 1 fonts. To assist you in finding the fonts that best suit your needs, MainType has a fast and instant preview within the main font panel. You can browse your whole font library as well as define your own custom views.

MainType font viewer supports all seventeen planes defined in the Unicode character database and displays all characters grouped in Unicode blocks. MainType allows you to generate an HTML-based overview of any of your fonts, and print outstanding reports of your font library.

mcirosoft windows logoFeatures and Benefits:

  • Load, install, and uninstall fonts
  • Preview and browse fonts without installation
  • Full Unicode support
  • Character grid with Unicode block navigation
  • Print and print preview your fonts
  • Support all popular font formats and more: TrueType, OpenType, TrueType Collections, Postscript Type 1 fonts
  • Insert characters into background applications
  • Font export wizard generates a HTML-based overview of all your fonts
  • Easy backup and restore your font library
  • The software runs on Windows ONLY

Useful Links






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MainType Font Viewer - Print Preview    MainType Font Viewer - View Font Editor

Lastly, I thought I might write about how a person can install Fonts on their computer:

  1. Click on “My Computer” folder
  2. Click on “C” Drive folder
  3. Click on “Windows” folder
  4. Click on “Fonts” folder
  5. Copy and paste additional fonts into this folder
  6. That’s it!!!…How simple was that?

If anyone is interested in obtaining my entire list of fonts for free, just contact me and I’ll email you back.

R.E. Ferguson

Ezine Article Submission – How to Achieve Results

Ezine article submission is one of the most highly used tools for article marketing by webmasters all over the world. Ezines are electronic or online magazines, generally having an established readership. Some ezines have their own articles, where as others like to add articles from other websites or webmasters who want to submit their articles with them. This benefits both the ezine and the marketer, as the ezine allows one-way back links to the website.

Here is some information about article submission, which may help marketers:

As we discussed earlier, most ezines have their established visitors, so you can target those ezines which have a readership for those audiences or visitors whom you want to be your customers. Associating with the right ezine can help you target your customers better. When a reputed ezine article directory recognizes your article and publishes it, their visitors make clicks to your articles and land on your website. This helps improve traffic on your website.

Article submissions can be made with one-way links or back links which means while you provide the content for the ezine, in exchange you get visitors for your websites. The point to be noticed is that this is a one-way process where your traffic does not shift to the ezine. These websites have their own huge traffics and often they depend on good quality articles from other websites. Most article directories offer this service free of charge. Now that you are submitting your articles on other people’s websites, you hardly have any control on the URL being used or the titles, you have fewer choices for placing your keywords. Find out most relevant keywords and try to use them in headings, subheadings or beginnings of sentences or paragraphs.

How quickly can you get better page ranks:

Well this actually depends on what exactly you want from ezine article submission. If you want to pace up your marketing efforts with a brigade of writers, you can do that and submitting articles to ezines will help to a great deal. But, I believe improving your page ranks is a gradual process. It is like growing a tree, it needs great care and the more quality time you give to your website content or to article submission, you will be benefited for longer. It is a well known fact that those who rise quickly with haste work, fall equally fast.

Use the steps below for your article submissions:

  1. Prepare a list of ezines you want to submit your articles to.
  2. Write quality articles with right set of keywords properly placed.
  3. Submit the articles with appropriate back links and your job is done. This is a continuous process and you have to have newer and interesting topics to discuss on.
  4. Spend quality time on your content and steal the show! Guide to Optimizing Titles for Articles in a Series

This article was posted by Penny, Managing Editor of on May 19, 2010:

Creating titles for a series of related articles is easy – provided you follow 3 simple guidelines.

We often refer to the concept of “article sets” – articles that are related, yet stand-alone. If you write article sets for any length of time, you’ll inevitably create a few in which the articles are so interrelated that they fundamentally form a sequential series – one where each article flows naturally into the next.

Trouble is, EzineArticles by its very nature is not conducive to a sequential series of articles. Readers tend to find your articles as single links in the chain rather than the entire chain … and most will not be inclined to search for those missing links in your article series. So using common literary title additions like Part 1, Part 2, etc. isn’t recommended.

The key to solving this dilemma lies in creating titles that are optimized for the unique nature of articles in a series. Understanding WHY proper titles are so important will help you discover HOW to create the perfect titles for your next series.

3 Vital Considerations for Titles in an Article Series:

  1. Articles Need to Deliver on the Promises of the Title – If your title reads “10 Tips to Regrow Your Hair” but only one tip is given, the article has not delivered on the promise made in the title! If you tell your reader that something’s going to be there and it’s not, you’ve just created a negative user experience and severely reduced your credibility as an author.
  2. Articles Need to Stand Alone – Ask yourself, “Does the reader have to look at my other articles in this series to get the benefit?” If the answer is no, then the article stands alone. Articles that stand alone amplify the power of your series articles by providing so much benefit that the reader seeks out more articles written by you.
  3. Articles Need to be Optimized for Distribution – Remember, the traffic your article receives on our site is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential exposure. The problem is that series articles rarely get picked up and distributed. Publishers are looking for specific content – so not everything in your series will be applicable to them.

So how do you write series article titles that are distributor friendly? That’s easy – just remove the numbers!

Instead of using phrases like “Part 1 of 3″ to identify your articles in a series (boring and SEO unfriendly), use a phrase with applicable keywords (interesting and very SEO friendly)!

For Example:

  • “5 Ways to Produce the Perfect Video – Hiring Qualified Talent” – BADThis article doesn’t deliver because it only talks about one issue, not five like the title promises.
  • “Producing the Perfect Video – Hiring Qualified Talent” – PERFECT This title is specific, still in a series and optimized for success – exactly what readers and publishers are looking for!

In the end, everybody benefits when your series articles’ titles are optimized. Your readers have a positive user experience. Our Editors get the pleasure of approving your article quickly. Distributors and publishers quickly find the information they’re seeking. And best of all, you’ll increase your potential of getting more readers, additional website traffic, increased exposure and enhanced credibility as an author!!

A very well-written article by Penny. I use a great deal and can easily say that it is the #1-rated article directory on the web. Nothing else comes close.


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