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SEO - Search Engine Optimization CharlotteKnowing how to engage in successful search engine optimization can be challenging at first. It takes patience and a wealth of knowledge to get good results. This article will provide specific tips and hints how to help you to do what succesful pros are making a living doing.

  1. If you’re trying to drive traffic to your website through Google Adwords, do NOT link to any pages that disable the back button. Honestly, most of your audience will be upset if they’re not permitted to go backwards as they feel they should be able to move around as they please. Also, Google, on the other hand, will remove your link if you remove the back button.
  2. Overdoing it with the keywords on your site could get you labeled as a spammer. If you become labeled as a spammer, your site will be overlooked by search engine spiders. They are specifically programmed to ignore the sites that try to stuff as many keywords as possible onto it.
  3. Consider having a tag cloud or categories, but not both. I personally use very broad categories on my website and restrict them to only 5, but I use a tag cloud to specify my keywords within those categories. This keeps my navigation from getting too confusing and overwhelming to readers and spiders alike.
  4. When creating links within your site, hyperlink to the actual keyword or phrase instead of generic labels such as “click here” to optimize your search ranking. By linking directly to a keyword or phrase, search engines and indexing algorithms rate linked and embedded pages differently than when links point to a generic navigation label.
TIP! To increase sales of your products from your website, hire a professional to create individualized product descriptions. Product descriptions can make or break a sale.




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