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Review Plus Coupon Code for Web Directory Web Directory

I recently received a coupon code for the directory. It’s valid for 20% off their listing fees, which range from $40 to $300, so you can save a LOT of money if you are looking for a top-tier web directory and are willing to pay a small charge for inclusion.

Here is a link: Hot Vs Not Web Directory

When you submit your site, be sure to enter coupon code to get your discount: FGS20HVN is a top-tier directory. With hundreds of thousands of backlinks, a trusted site, an aged domain, high traffic, and a growing community, is essential to any website marketing plan. I’ve utilized in my link building efforts for some time and have always noticed it being picked up as a website linking to my site(s).

Directory Sites Review

Directory Sites are very similar to the Yahoo! Directory where you search for a particular category of content and the directory provides links to the various websites with that subject matter. Many require manual review and approval to allow sites into their directory. While there are categories for gambling, politics, and religion, most directory websites do not maintain any particular affiliations with those subjects. They are merely a repository of links to websites across a wide spectrum of subjects.

Because of this, and the fact that your competitors exist in these directories, the risks are minimal and are far outweighed by the benefits.

Link Building With A Local Focus

Link building with a local focus is important to keep traffic numbers. The local link building game is a humble game about different types of links. Maintaining the rankings for competitive local terms can require a bit of effort. This mix involves hitting up all the usual suspects such as:

  • Regular no-follow/followed links
  • Social media links
  • Citations even if it’s only a business name or the URL typed out without it being hyper-linked


Ezine Article Submission – How to Achieve Results

Ezine article submission is one of the most highly used tools for article marketing by webmasters all over the world. Ezines are electronic or online magazines, generally having an established readership. Some ezines have their own articles, where as others like to add articles from other websites or webmasters who want to submit their articles with them. This benefits both the ezine and the marketer, as the ezine allows one-way back links to the website.

Here is some information about article submission, which may help marketers:

As we discussed earlier, most ezines have their established visitors, so you can target those ezines which have a readership for those audiences or visitors whom you want to be your customers. Associating with the right ezine can help you target your customers better. When a reputed ezine article directory recognizes your article and publishes it, their visitors make clicks to your articles and land on your website. This helps improve traffic on your website.

Article submissions can be made with one-way links or back links which means while you provide the content for the ezine, in exchange you get visitors for your websites. The point to be noticed is that this is a one-way process where your traffic does not shift to the ezine. These websites have their own huge traffics and often they depend on good quality articles from other websites. Most article directories offer this service free of charge. Now that you are submitting your articles on other people’s websites, you hardly have any control on the URL being used or the titles, you have fewer choices for placing your keywords. Find out most relevant keywords and try to use them in headings, subheadings or beginnings of sentences or paragraphs.

How quickly can you get better page ranks:

Well this actually depends on what exactly you want from ezine article submission. If you want to pace up your marketing efforts with a brigade of writers, you can do that and submitting articles to ezines will help to a great deal. But, I believe improving your page ranks is a gradual process. It is like growing a tree, it needs great care and the more quality time you give to your website content or to article submission, you will be benefited for longer. It is a well known fact that those who rise quickly with haste work, fall equally fast.

Use the steps below for your article submissions:

  1. Prepare a list of ezines you want to submit your articles to.
  2. Write quality articles with right set of keywords properly placed.
  3. Submit the articles with appropriate back links and your job is done. This is a continuous process and you have to have newer and interesting topics to discuss on.
  4. Spend quality time on your content and steal the show!

Link Building Tip: Target .edu Websites

Every internet marketer knows that off page search engine optimization, or SEO, can be summarized in two words: link construction.  Essentially, the more pages there are in the internet which link back to your website, the more possibilities your internet site will have in incorporating prominently in search engine results sites.

This shouldn’t be taken to signify that you need leave your link in exactly about each place in the World Wide Web, however.

Just like any neighborhood, there are poor areas and there are excellent places.

Web pages connected to a matter that is banned by Google, for example, are regarded as bad areas.  Instead of developing your website’s link popularity, the contrary may take place.  Also, online sites which are entirely irrelevant to the subject of your website will not warrant any significance when it comes to your link building campaigns.

Then again, internet pages which have better page status are considered as high-quality areas.  It is probable that your site will benefit from a huge spike in its own page rank if its URL will be put in superior ranking sites.  

The Holy Grail of these “excellent locations,” however, are sites that have the annex of .edu.  These are sites of learning institutions around the planet, and are regarded by Google with the highest considerations.  A number of experts even say that .edu pages are regarded as authority pages, and as such, order precedence from search engine spiders.

Simply put, if you handle to put your URL in any .edu page, you’ve reached the top prize.

Achieving such, however, is easier said than done.  To begin with, learning institutions don’t get sympathetically to their pages being used for internet advertising matters.  Secondly, it would be highly unlikely that learning establishments would be concerned in promoting whatever it is that exists to get you some money.

Still, there is forever a backdoor to everything, .edu websites included.

You can get help from students, for example.  Your internet site is in endless need of substance.  Utilize this to your advantage.  Solicit well-written content from scholars.  Demand that the appropriate school administration advertise your appeal for help in their internet site.  Students, usually, don’t ask as much as other people.  They only need aid with their university bills.  On your ads, don’t fail to remember to put your link.  This is essential.  This is what it’s all about: free links on .edu websites.

You can as well join in forums conducted by .edu sites.  Many of them have internet communities for their student residents.  Just be certain that your posts won’t emerge as spam.  Share relevant stuff, and leave your link as your source.

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